Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Homeschool science is my favorite

Science has always fascinated me. When I was a little girl, my mother started nursing school and my delight in how humans tick began. I learned all the bones in the body before I started elementary school. Then years later, high school chemistry amazed me again! I did not do well with the math and my teacher was dull but how these pieces of the world fit together to make an entirely new thing made me believe in God, science, and alchemy all at once. It was like magic truly existed in the world!

So fast forward to our little homeschool enterprise and I am thrilled to show my children the magic of science. We have done lots of experiments involving shaving cream and plants and paper towels and lots and lots of food coloring. 

This one has been my favorite. We learned about surface tension, polar and non polar substances, lipids, density, and more! The milk magic was so fantastic we got more bowls and added different things like pepper and saw how dish soap broke the surface. We also added oil to a bowl of water and dropped food coloring through the oil. Tiny beads of blue and green collected at the bottom. This lead to a discussion about emulsifiers and then Jello. So tomorrow we will make salad dressing and see how pineapples affects Jello. Soooo much fun!!!

Here is a link to the how to of our milk experiment:

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