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My life with Young Living Essential Oils started out like just about every other person you know who uses them.  I had a friend, in this case my sister, who started using them and raving about them.  This is where my story goes a little differently than most you've heard.  I actually DID start oiling as a business.  I wanted to be a millionaire selling oils!  And, ahem, that is still my dream.  However, my life started changing when I began using the oils.  At first, I used them so I could tell others how they worked and what the scents were and so on.  I wanted to get behind this "product" and be a believable salesperson.  THEN something amazing happened.  I stopped having weather migraines.  My body was having a very positive reaction to these oils!  Then I started with some supplements to get my digestive system in order.  My husband got on board right away and my favorite moment was when he told me his guts felt better.  I said, "I didn't think you had any digestion problems."  To which he replies, "Me either until I started taking that stuff.  I didn't realize how bad I felt until I felt better!"  We had just been living in a perpetual state of yuck and had no idea.  

So fast forward a year and a lot has happened.  I quit smoking.  I lost 40 lbs this summer.  I have researched and understood more about my body and how these God given oils can help me physically and emotionally.  My son did not have allergy related asthma this spring.  I have recently had issues arise with my immune system.  I cannot wait to see how the supplements and oils help me balance my health.

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