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I will try to keep this up to date with sites I've found useful in our home school journey.  It will evolve over time as we get into our groove.


Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
This is my holy grail of curriculum since I didn't know where to start.  It's free. It's 180 days long.  It is k-high school. It has all the assignments laid out for each day of the school year.  Basically, your kids could go on the site and indepentently work. Kind of amazing!

Want to learn a language?  This is free!  I downloaded the app on my tablet but you can also work from a desktop.  I would suggest creating a new profile for each kid though.  It got a little competitive and hairy trying to let both kids work on one profile.

Lapbooks are great for any age but especially for crafty kids.  You basically take a file folder and make your own interactive workbook with a lapbook set.  The link I've referenced are for free ones.  Your kids get to cut out, color, paste/tape, all the elements into their lapbook as you teach them each portion.  It's an inexpensive way to get your kids to look forward to the next project and learning assignment!  Then once the lapbook is finished, it can be a wonderful reference tool so be sure to save them.


The Pomodoro Technique
This is an excellent way to manage time, especially for someone who is challenged in that area or finds "endless" subjects tedious.

Brain POP

We have just started to use this site.  It is very detailed by subject and grade level (Grade 3 and up).  It appears you can subscribe (pricey) but the link I've posted it to their free stuff.  One of the best ways to learn something is to see it and they have movies, interesting graphics, and more.

World Atlas
I actually had to explain to my kids what an encyclopedia was.  Sad but we are living in digital times and this site is the books I used to explore and research new subjects made modern.  We are using this site for many things including Alabama History.


National Geographic Kids
This is a great place to explore culture, animals, and more.

These are educational games for grades K-5.  They cover a variety of subjects and asking the kids to play one of these to learn a "not so fun" concept always gets a YES! response.

Here your kids can earn virtual and real life badges.  You do have to pay $3 for each real life badge but I think it is a great incentive to finish the projects.  Your kids pick areas of interest.  Anything from wood carving to fashion design.  Then they complete tasks and upload them to the site.  Parents have their own account to monitor what the kids are doing online.  Some tasks the kids can do on their own and others need your help.  Most of all, it's fun!

Learning Games for Kids
Right now, we are using this for Alabama History but there are tons of subjects on here.  Lots of fun to be had!

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