Friday, October 8, 2010

Creeptastic Crafts

I have recently been inducted into a Drink of the Month Club.  It’s fabulous, so far.  I say so far because we have only had one meeting and the next one is tonight.  You see, there are THEMES involved.  And I love a good themed event.  This month is, of course, a spooky Halloween theme.  I am dressing up as a Shriner.  I don’t think they are particularly scary and I am really in favor of Shriners in general and what they do.  I basically just wanted to wear a fez, which I decorated with glitter.  Fez = party, in my book.

So back to the point of the blog.  I had to get crafty beyond my fez decorating skills and come up with some spooky treats.  I called dibs on dessert and came up with some goodies that are too spooky to eat.  Oh and by the way Google, when my sister searches for creepy halloween food and I’m on the phone with her, please post less deviled egg eyeballs and more cutesy stuff, so I don’t have to lose my lunch in Wal-Mart.

Anyway…I took these ingredients:

green cupcakes fudge stripe  kisses icing

And came up with these:

witches hat

I also took these ingredients:

brownies milanos candy

And came up with this:


And let’s not forget my new favorite obsession: CARD MAKING.  This has become a full on addiction.  A craft I decided to do because I loathe the idea of spending $4 on a card that someone will probably throw out after I leave, is now what I spend several hours a week doing. 

I bought our hostess for tonight a little gift (check out what Emily Post says about this little etiquette rule) and thought I should make a card as well.  I think it turned out rather darling.  What do you think?

halloween card

By the way, cutting out bats that tiny is hard and I will never do it again!


  1. complete amazing crafty goodness here. (Also, the template is so great!)

  2. For the record, my last Word Verification: booti (like its got a camera on me or something)


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