Friday, September 17, 2010

Nosy Nellie

I am nosy.  I cannot help it, I’ve tried.  I literally have to bite my tongue or remove myself from a conversation if someone is going on about something I don’t know about.  I should learn to mind my own business better, I really should.  It’s what polite, level headed people do. 

I don’t want to know for gossip’s sake, I want to know to satisfy my inordinate level of curiosity.  I am like a child that sees an extravagant toy in the window.  I HAVE TO HAVE IT, the information that is.  For instance, if I find out my husband has a gift for me, I nag him to the point he tells me what it is or gives it to me.  And if he doesn’t relent, I get steamin’ mad.  It’s completely out of control. 

So when you find yourself talking to me and I seem to be asking too many questions or being too personal, do one of two things.  Pity me for being a slave to my ridiculous nosiness (and give me the scoop) or remind me to mind my own beeswax.  I will try really hard not to be offended or die from the sheer horror of not being able to know what I don’t know.  And above all, if you do decide to let me in on the story, know that I will take it to heart.  I will pray for you when you ask, I will have sympathy if you need it and I will not blog your business all over town.  Because one thing can override my crazy need for knowledge and that is, to be a dear friend.

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Like George Washington Carver said:

1. Be clean both inside and outside.
2. Neither look up to the rich nor down on the poor.
3. Lose, if need be, without squealing.
4. Win without bragging.
5. Always be considerate of women, children and old people.
6. Be too brave to lie.
7. Be too generous to cheat.
8. Take your share of the world and let others take theirs.


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