Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Penny wise, pound foolish?

THE PLAN.  The plan not to spend any money this month is really showing me how good I am at getting around rules.  And not really doing much in the way of teaching me self control.  I didn’t realize this whole idea was going to REVEAL things about ME.  Lord have mercy on me.  Please.

So I did spend money this last week.  And just in an effort to be accountable and learn something from this whole process, I’ll break it down for you. 

1)  I bought a $5 Starbuck’s card for $1.  I have not printed it out yet and since it was only a buck AND for food type things, I won’t be too hard on myself.  I mean, I do have to drink delicious whipped cream topped coffee beverages.  I’m not a savage.

2)  I also ate breakfast out.  This was in the $5 range.  I convinced myself that since I was going to a job interview and was terribly nervous, I had to eat.  And since I had forgotten to eat at home in my rush to get the kids to school, I had to stop somewhere.  They also had free WiFi and I got to ease my nerves by Facebooking.  I swear, I can really talk myself into some nonsense.  BTW, I got the job.  So could I call it a pre-emptive celebratory breakfast?  Sure, why not.

3)  I bought my daughter some long johns.  This was a $5 purchase at the good ole Wal-Mart.  And it actually was a necessity.  Those of you who live in the southeast US know we were expecting THUNDERSNOW 2011.  She had no long johns or anything that would suffice and I knew there would be lots of playing outside if the snow came.  So I got them but I was supremely proud of myself for not going down the clearance aisle.  I started that way but told myself not to cave.  And I didn’t.  Score 1 for me. 

4)  I took my son to a painting class.  Now technically this was free because we had a gift certificate.  The lunch at Burger King afterward was not.  This was $9 and some change.  Can you believe that?  Highway robbery.  He was hungry, I had not packed a lunch.  I caved to the pressure of a 7 year old.  Granted, again, it was food stuff.  But handing over the dough really made me flinch. 

This also made me realize that I was cheating and had been all week.  Because I could basically justify any purchase I made.  It also made me aware of the fact that I do this kind of thing in a lot of areas.  Just a dollar or two here.  Just another bite.  Just another minute of ignoring my kids.  Whew!  I didn’t intend for any of this to be deep and soulful.  I really just thought it would be fun to try. 

So with a new week at hand, I am looking ahead with high hopes for myself.  My new job starts tomorrow and I feel a surge of self discipline coming on.  Plus I have some coupons for free stuff like coffee and movie rentals in my purse for any retail therapy related emergencies.  I think I’ll make it!!!

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  1. wow thats really neat how it all is unfolding in many different ways!


Like George Washington Carver said:

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