Monday, January 17, 2011

Uninspired winter blah’s

I am feeling so uninspired these days.  I sat down last night to whip up some Valentine cards and most of them are still sitting on my table unfinished.  I just couldn’t seem to get the juices flowing.  So I’ve resorted to stealing other people’s ideas and doing them myself.  Here are a few I’ve stolen:

1) Scrapbook paper covered manila folders.  I made some of these and they are GORGEOUS.  I cannot, however, show the pictures because they are gifts for people that may very well read this post.  So I will show you the ones from the Spotted Canary (ahem, the place I stole the idea from).


2) On the same episode that showed the file folders, they also made some paper covered binder clips.   But the twist was they used them as photo holders!  She took a huge binder clip, covered it in coordinating paper, made a little photo mat with coordinating paper and voila…unique handmade photo “frame”.


3)  This has nothing to do with awesome office supplies.  This has to do with Valentine’s day.  I need to make some great Valentine’s for my kids to give to their friends.  I wanted it to be easy, kid friendly (they are free labor after all) and cheap.  So I found cupcake liner/lollipop flowers.  This is from Skip to My Lou


4)  I also found an idea for candy cane heart lollipops from Cindy at Skip to My Lou.  But they involved melting in the oven and that sounded complicated for my poor brain.  I seriously envisioned candy cane goo running all over my oven.  So I found candy cane hearts from Pleasant Home that only involved melting white chocolate.  Possibly as challenging but hopefully I’ve learned my lessons about melting chocolate.  And since I bought some fruity, colorful mini candy canes on clearance the week after Christmas, this will be a great way to use them.

melting candy canes…candy-cane-heart

or melting chocolate…v day suckers and stickers your choice.









I hope that you find inspiration in these ideas.  I hope to post pictures of my versions of these soon.  And I also hope to have some great ideas of my own soon.  The internet is such a dangerous crafting crutch. LOL!

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